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fairmount bagel
Bagel in Space

Fairmount bagels on the space mission

The very first bagels have just made it into outer space thanks to astronaut Greg Chamitoff, who managed to take the famous products of the Original Fairmount Bagel Bakery with him in the shuttle. "It's fantastic, we are very flattered," said Mona Chamitoff, the astronaut's aunt and owner of the Fairmount Street store. According to Mona, her nephew loves these bagels and just couldn't imagine leaving Earth for six long months without his favourite indulgence. The 45-year old astronaut wanted to lift off for the International Space Station with no less than 18 of these delights.


Enjoying Fairmount Bagel in the space station

The astronauts of mission STS-124, May 2008, enjoying Fairmount Bagel in the space station. (our cousin holding Fairmount Bagel Bakery Plastic bag)

enjoying Fairmount Bagel


Don’t let these bagel get away!

« Don’t let these bagel get away ! »

 *from left to right – Garrett Reisman (mission specialist) – Gregory Chamitoff (flight engineer and our cousin) – Mark Kelly (commander)

Don’t let these bagel get away


Journal de Montréal, May 2008

Rhonda Shlafman, co-owner Fairmount Bagel, was interviewed on the day of the launch by Journal de Montréal.
This was one of several inquiries about Fairmount Bagel going up into space on that day.

Rhonda Shlafman